For disorganized traders lacking a coherent strategy, risk is extremely high.
Manual trading is inefficient and inevitably leads to human-error.
Regularly reorganizing your portfolio across multiple currencies results in high trading fees.
It's impossible to constantly monitor the market. Opportunities are inevitably missed.
Your assets are managed by professional investors from Wall Street and Silicon Valley who focus on achieving long-term, stable returns.
Automatic trading handled by an advanced AI system. Highly efficient and accurate.
Only a very small management fee is charged. We only take a cut when profits are achieved.
Combined efforts of experts and AI means round-the-clock monitoring and no opportunity is missed.
Index Fund - BitUP Prime (BPP)

Only those currencies with solid long-term prospects can enter the fund. We favor technologies with the potential to shake-up the market and leave a mark. There is no short-term speculation on derivative currencies that don't bring added value relative to the competition. The weighting of each asset in the fund is based on complex modeling and adjusts dynamically according to the market.

Fund Manager

The fund is managed by Laurent, who has extensive experience in all kinds of trading and investment, including traditional internet stocks and digital assets. He is also a renowned expert in market research.

Active Fund - BitUP Explorer (BPX)

Using advanced algorithms and quantitative trading strategies we are able to evaluate and predict trends and adjust our portfolio accordingly. The model adapts in real-time to keep up with the fast-changing nature of the market and will always maximize every opportunity that arises.

Fund Manager

This fund is managed by Macaulay, an expert in quantitative trading with a PhD from MIT. He has 6 years of experience working in Wall Street and has a broad knowledge of the most effective trading strategies.

Blockchain technology allows for all our trades to be recorded and made available for users to check and copy for themselves. This transparency solidifies trust, as the exact performance of the fund at any given time is always open knowledge.
Advanced mathematical modelling and machine learning AI carries out quantitative trading with perfect precision and optimal strategies.
We use well-established, reputable third-party asset storage providers and provide highly secure cold wallet storage plans. Everything is completely transparent and investors can access details of their stored assets at any time.
We have a multi-layered risk management engine that covers the entire platform. This automatically detects any abnormal operations performed by fund managers and takes action to safeguard investors' rights and assets.